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  1. Islamic fundamentalist audio recordings collection (on campus only)1,457
  2. Al cantío de un gallo radio program audio recordings (on-campus only)599
  3. South Africa Now collection (on campus only)535
  4. School of Architecture, Yale University, lectures and presentations (on campus only)128
  5. Henry A. Kissinger papers, part II (on campus only)124
  6. Exiles Film Project records (on campus only)118
  7. Kingman Brewster personal papers (on campus only)93
  8. Yale School of Drama audio-visual recordings (on campus only)82
  9. Djibril Tamsir Niane audiorecordings documenting Guinean oral traditions (on-campus only)63
  10. Yale-China Association Records (on campus only)63
  11. Rights and Wrongs records (on campus only)60
  12. Philip M. and Lorna Sarrel papers (on campus only)53
  13. May Day Rally and Yale collection (on campus only)46
  14. Project Maje records (on campus only)40
  15. French sound archives collected by Pierre Capretz, 1959-1983, Department of French, Yale University (on campus only)39
  16. Jane Roberts Papers (on campus only)35
  17. Arthur L. Liman papers (on campus only)33
  18. Edward Joseph Logue papers (on campus only)32
  19. Henry A. Kissinger papers, part III (on campus only)30
  20. Anna Wipfler senior essay and interviews documenting lesbian and gay student activism at Yale (on campus only)26
  21. Candida Scott Piel papers (on campus only)25
  22. International Festival of Arts and Ideas records, Performance recordings and materials, 1996-2000 (on campus only)25
  23. School of Nursing, Yale University, Historical Collection (on campus only)23
  24. Freedom to Marry (on campus only)17
  25. Edward Grant Oral History Project records (on campus only)13
  26. John W. Cook interviews with architects (on campus only)12
  27. Oral histories documenting New Haven, Connecticut (on campus only)11
  28. Office of Public Affairs, Yale University, motion pictures (on campus only)8
  29. MSSA AV Publications (on campus only)6
  30. Department of Athletics, Yale University, motion pictures and audiorecordings documenting football (on campus only)6
  31. Oral histories documenting Yale University women6
  32. Richard Lee Papers (on campus only)5
  33. Podcast - Say and Seal: Lives at Yale during COVID-192
  34. New Blue, Yale University, records2
  35. Kingman Brewster, Jr., president of Yale University, records (on campus only)1
  36. School of Architecture, Yale University, records concerning events and exhibitions (on campus only)1
  37. Potter Stewart papers (on campus only)1
  38. The Glines records (on campus only)1
  39. Yale Daily News interview of Kingman Brewster, Jr. (on campus only)1
  40. Patricia Marx interview with Thomas Wilfred (on campus only)1
  41. Daniel Pinello interviews on same-sex marriage1
  42. Colossal Keepsake motion picture film by Peter Hentschel and William Richardson1
  43. E. Dorrit Hoffleit papers (on campus only)1
  44. Rich Hanley interview with Kevin Roche1
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  1. Arabic Primary 1,418
  2. Primary 807
  3. Spanish; Castilian Primary 594
  4. English Primary 90
  5. French Primary 38
  6. Chinese Primary 1
  1. No3,678
  2. Yes149
  1. No3,827
  1. audiocassettes2,388
  2. videocassettes_(u-matic)565
  3. videocassettes_(vhs)183
  4. audiotape_reels151
  5. duration_HH:MM:SS.mmm91
  6. film reels (16 mm)61
  7. videocassettes_(dvcam)53
  8. videocassettes43
  9. audio_discs_(CD)36
  10. videocassettes_(betacamsp)21
  11. videocassettes_(minidv)17
  12. CD-Rs13
  13. computer files (wav)10
  14. film reel (35mm)10
  15. film_reels_(16_mm)6
  16. videocassettes_(hi8)5
  17. film_reels3
  18. optical disks (dvd)2
  19. phonograph_records2
  20. DVD-Rs1
  21. computer file (mov)1
  22. computer files (dvd-video)1
  23. duration_HH_MM_SS_mmm1
  24. megabytes1
  25. videocassettes (U-matic)1
  26. videocassettes_(betamax)1
  1. Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library.3,811
  2. New Haven, Conn: Yale University Office of Public Information and WTNH-TV2
  3. New Haven : Yale University Office of Undergraduate Admissions1
  4. New Haven : Yale University, Office of Public Affairs1
  5. New Haven, Conn. : Yale University Alumni Board Film Committee1
  6. New York : MPO Productions, Inc.1
  1. Yale University--Students topical term 2
  2. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. corporate name 1
  3. Yale University corporate name 1
  4. Documentary films. genre_form 1
  5. College presidents--Inauguration--Connecticut--New Haven. topical term 1
  6. Giamatti, A. Bartlett--Inauguration, 1978. topical term 1
  7. Music--Instruction and study. topical term 1
  8. Yale Corporation--Employees--Interviews. topical term 1
  9. Yale University--Admission topical term 1
  10. Yale University--Admission. topical term 1
  11. Yale University--Alumni and alumnae. topical term 1
  12. Yale University--Buildings. topical term 1
  13. Yale University--Curricula--Music. topical term 1
  14. Yale University--Faculty--Interviews. topical term 1
  15. Yale University--History. topical term 1
  16. Yale University--Presidents. topical term 1
  17. Yale University--Residential colleges. topical term 1
  18. Yale University--Sports. topical term 1
  19. Yale University--Students. topical term 1
  20. Yale University--Teachings. topical term 1
  1. Public Resource w/ restricted content2,957
  2. Public Resource870
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